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On-demand food delivery app designed specifically for moos’n’clucks, a well-known fast-food franchise, to process orders and provide timely delivery based on the provenance of the order.


Caddys (food enthusiasts) may communicate with one another by posting their local delicacies on Dining Caddy's application (a social network for caddies). Users of this application may post reviews and ratings for the many restaurants, bars, desserts, and coffee shops featured on the platform. They are able to assess numerous restaurants' menu options, discounts, and customer satisfaction. With the help of these ratings and evaluations, other caddies will be able to make better choices when planning their own excursions.


Planning a vacation or a corporate journey? Looking for a 5-star resort or low-cost guesthouse? When you plan with Travel Bug, you can save money on your hotel accommodation, airfare, and car rental, regardless of your trip goals. You can use this app to explore travel offers, reserve, and save wherever you go.


The ultimate mobile video experience. Short-form videos on VidStorm are thrilling, intuitive, and authentic. There's plenty on VidStorm for everybody, whether you're a music lover, a pet owner, or maybe just eager for a good chuckle. All you need to do is watch, interact with what you enjoy, and miss what you don't, and you'll be presented with an endless storm of short videos that appear tailored to you.


The Wine Cabinet is a wine delivery app and marketplace that enables individuals all around the world to fully appreciate wine. The Wine Cabinet gives wine lovers exposure to impartial wine knowledge from a network of millions, assisting users in discovering the ideal wine for any occasion.


Jamie & Annie presents the most fashionable apparel for men, women, and children. Discover the greatest clothing lines for your favorite men's and women's apparel, footwear, cosmetics, accessories, and much more. You can browse for a variety of great goods from this online application, which has thousands of commodities in various sections.


On-demand food delivery app designed specifically for moos’n’clucks, a well-known fast-food franchise, to process orders and provide timely delivery based on the provenance of the order.


The Foodistan app allows you to order and savor a range of food delivery selections, including pizza, sandwiches, burgers, seafood, and delicious Thai takeout. Meals can be ordered from local eateries by cuisine, establishment name, course, or meal. Do you prefer pick-up? Rather than waiting in a queue or making reservations, opt to pick up your meal. With the Foodistan app, you can now select your preferred delivery alternatives.


This is an on-demand application for hairdressing, cosmetics, and nails that can be used whenever and wherever you choose. A beauty and personal care community that enables millions of potential consumers to find, identify, and reserve grooming and hairdressing experts by allowing users to make reservations with saloons, spas, and freelancing service professionals in a niche section of the beauty industry.


House cleaning and repair apps are currently more prevalent than ever before due to consumer demand. The Lazy App is a great option for people who need housework support or any other type of service with a single tap. The app provides assistance for 04 kinds of services: Leaves Cleanup, Bush Trimming, Lawn Mowing and Snow Removal.


With Blue Air Express, purchasing an airline ticket is now as simple as a tap and shuffle, choose and book. Search for and purchase affordable airline tickets to make your trip planning easier. Blue Air Express is a one-stop destination for all of your trip necessities. Blue Air Express is the finest airline booking application, allowing users to book local and international flights at incredible fares.


This application, which includes a full fleet management system, is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to carry bulky goods from one location to another. Whether it's relocating or packaging, or transporting new items, this app is a one-stop-shop for all demands.


A Learning Management System (LMS) that allows students to acquire new abilities. Access your virtual learning portal straight from your smartphone with the Master Study App to continue learning and expanding your expertise. Learners may acquire tailored e-learning information at any moment and from any location, including offline, to remain on course with their educational journey. In addition, the Master Study app has user-friendly functionality, allowing users to totally submerge themselves in their own educational experiences.


INFAQ is a unique, easy, quick, and secure communication application for businesses. Firms can communicate with their personnel by messaging, distributing media and documents, and other means. INFAQ is perhaps the most protected platform for communication. It boosts workplace efficiency while maintaining your information confidential. INFAQ enables your workforce to effortlessly and reliably interact and exchange data - messages, attachments, teleconferences, or private discussions - always in perspective.


Hoora TV is a platform on which you can stream the most TV programs, web series, and flicks from all across the globe.It features award-winning shows, films, documentaries, and stand-up features. And with the smartphone app, you can watch Hoora TV whether you're on vacation, in transit, or just taking a breather.


Space Adventure is a single-player space RPG that is grandiose and action-packed. You assume command of the "Requiem," a spaceship that isn't in as great of condition as it once was. Your intergalactic squadron begins with a modest vessel, but as your space station expands and evolves, you will gain command of battleships and even gargantuan space battleships.


A game that depicts the never-ending adventure of a young chick who has escaped from its farm in the quest for freedom. Collect eggs along the way to get points as you travel through various landscapes and avoid being caught by the farmer.


Immerse yourself in an enchanted journey packed with dark magic and witchery as you tackle trivia-based multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge. Selecting the proper answers will reward you with chests containing gemstones and hints to help you progress through the stages as the difficulty increases.


Data Ponds is a web-based application that captures and analyzes data through interacting with the user, other applications, and thedatabase itself. A general-purpose database, Data Ponds, is used to define, create, update, and manage databases. Users can use this web-based application to create their own databases to satisfy their business needs.


POS ERP, a one-stop solution for waiters, to place an order or double-check self-ordering from customers on the spot real-time and on-premise. It is a web-based application that sends orders instantly to the kitchen printer and Kitchen Display Unit in real-time. POS ERP provides a great opportunity for the staff to focus on hospitality, upsell and improve the customer experience.

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