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With Blue Air Express, purchasing an airline ticket is now as simple as a tap and shuffle, choose and book. Search for and purchase affordable airline tickets to make your trip planning easier. Blue Air Express is a one-stop destination for all of your trip necessities. Blue Air Express is the finest airline booking application, allowing users to book local and international flights at incredible fares.


Aside from being very user appealing, the customer desired a flight ticket purchasing application with a plethora of options. Pre-ordering your airline tickets, purchasing additional luggage, booking your air tickets beforehand, and check-in facilities are just a few of the alternatives given. In addition, the customer wanted a simple cancellation procedure through the app for adjustments in plans for already booked tickets. He wanted to make sure that the perfect vacation was only a click away. He intended to include a variety of local and global payment alternatives, as well as big discounts and incentives, every time someone made a reservation.


Blue Air Express app contains the following features;

  • Comparing and booking the economical flight tickets
  • Reserving Flight Tickets on one-click
  • Ticket booking history log
  • All domestic & international flight tickets
  • Offers and Discounts Updation


The main difficulty was the application's UI/UX design, which necessitated a basic yet advanced layout so that anybody could quickly compare and book numerous airline alternatives with aesthetically attractive visuals. In addition, integrating different features that complement the whole airline ticket booking process, benefiting everyone to consider the app a one-stop solution for all their air voyage needs.


Blue Air Express app contains the following technology stack;

  • Android Native (front end)
  • iOS Native (front end)
  • My SQL (Database)
  • Firebase (Push Notification)


This application is ideal for everyone who does not want to waste time and energy travelling to the airport or air ticket buying franchises to acquire their tickets. This app provides all of the necessary options for reserving air tickets from a selection of domestic and international travel possibilities, as well as everything else required during the entire cycle.

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