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DocLink App enables its users the chance to receive fast medical assistance wherever they choose. Users may signup as patients with a few pieces of information and are linked to a variety of doctors immediately.


A platform that allows patients to manage all of their medical appointments from a single location, assisting patients who, for whatever reason, are unable to see a doctor in person can contact them from the convenience of their own home using a smartphone via a messaging app to address their medical issues and to be promptly notified about their prescribed medication for minimal charges.


The most prominent features about this app are listed below:

  • Communication via a simple messaging platform
  • Share multimedia in the form of pictures and documented reports
  • Send and receive voice notes
  • Updating Doctors Schedule for patient's convenience
  • Simplified Doctor prescription list
  • Timely Prescription Reminders
  • Follow-up scheduling and reminder
  • Secured payment method via prepaid cards & Debit/Credit cards


For the application to be customer-centric, extensive UX analysis was done, including interviews with doctors in Focus groups before the UI/UX and functionalities were finalized. On-clinic scheduling was also to be synchronized with the app to check on the doctor's availability.Data privacy was also a significant worry; therefore, a function was designed that prevented the doctor from saving any media in their smartphone supplied by the patient.


DocLink App consisted of the following technology stack:

  • Graph QL
  • Mongo DB (No SQL)
  • Node Js (Back-End & API)
  • React Native (Front-End)
  • Firebase (Push notifications & OTP)


Creating this application was critical for patients, caregivers, and parents of adolescents in rising conditions, and it has helped in the post-covid19 era. When all non-essential companies were closed, and transportation was immobilized. This app makes sure that everyone has access to a network of doctors at all times as it is convenient and easy to use.

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