Hoora TV is a platform on which you can stream the most TV programs, web series, and flicks from all across the globe.It features award-winning shows, films, documentaries, and stand-up features. And with the smartphone app, you can watch Hoora TV whether you're on vacation, in transit, or just taking a breather.


The customer desired a streaming platform where anybody could access their beloved movies, shows, and documentaries from a wide range of content without having to navigate several websites or go through lengthy registration requirements.The customer also requested a PG feature for children, with tight limits for the audience under the age of 18, providing them with cartoons, animated flicks, and different instructive and educational documentaries.


Hoora TV app consisted of the following features;

  • A premium ad-free experience
  • Instant access to new releases
  • Parental Guidance feature
  • Group Streaming option
  • Notifications for new releases
  • Create up to 04 personalized profiles from a single account
  • Tailored Recommendations
  • Add to favorites option for future streaming
  • Secure payment feature


The first and most significant problem was developing a contemporary, resilient, and intuitive UI/UX architecture for the application. The audience could simply browse and explore the entire application.The second concern for an effective steaming application was obtaining high-quality visual content. To provide entertaining and instructional materials such as movies, shows, or documentaries that meet the needs of various types of audiences.


Hoora TV app consisted of the following technology stack;

  • React native (Front end)
  • Laravel (Backend)
  • MySQL (Database)
  • Firebase (Push Notifications)


Hoora TV is the streaming destination of your favorite films of all time. You'll never get weary of endless entertainment from Disney, DreamWorks, Marvel, Star Wars, and Nat Geo, as well as numerous more networks. Enjoy the hottest blockbusters, web series and award-winning flicks, iconic movies, documentaries, and much more; there will always be plenty of unique content to explore..

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