INFAQ is a unique, easy, quick, and secure communication application for businesses. Firms can communicate with their personnel by messaging, distributing media and documents, and other means. INFAQ is perhaps the most protected platform for communication. It boosts workplace efficiency while maintaining your information confidential. INFAQ enables your workforce to effortlessly and reliably interact and exchange data - messages, attachments, teleconferences, or private discussions - always in perspective.


The client needed an entirely securely encrypted communication platform that he could use to boost overall productivity across his corporation. In addition, he wished to incorporate all of the capabilities of a cutting-edge messaging application, such as messages, calls, attachments, media, and other components, in order to save time and energy and increase job efficiency.


INFAQ app consisted of the following features;

  • Easy sign-up
  • Private and group discussions features
  • Private and conference call options
  • Share files & attachments without any limits on their type and size
  • Chat back-up and Chat history option
  • Cloud-based storage option
  • Securely Encrypted


The client anticipated a fundamental set of functions to be offered on the application's cloud communication offerings. It was critical to meet all of today's tech-savvy components' objectives from phone calling to live broadcast. For this messaging application, the server design proved to be a big issue. From the single access source (the capacity balancing) to the application code to the database, and back again. Overcoming security issues was the next obstacle. We had to maintain the client's desired degree of security in consideration when developing the INFAQ messaging app. Encryption was nonetheless requested but also anticipated because the customer did not wish their privileged data transferred in the open over the web.


INFAQ app consisted of the following technology stack;

  • React native (Front end)
  • Node.js, graphQL (Backend)


INFAQ is one of the most encrypted communication apps that any corporation can employ since it is secured with 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure cryptographic techniques.INFAQ was designed to transmit any messages with the least amount of data necessary. As a result, INFAQ is the most dependable messaging application ever created. It works even with the shakiest wireless subscriptions. INFAQ offers a clean design yet offering an amazing number of functions. Moreover, it's so easy that you probably already understand how to operate it.

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