An on-demand food delivery app designed for
a well-known food brand

This contemporary American inspired eatery demanded a fully functional on-demand
application to boost its business.

moo's n clucks
moo's n clucks

Project Requirements

The client ordered us to build a one-of-a-kind order transferring system that falls under the umbrella of an on-demand application. In this case, if an order is placed at location A, but the nearest store is out of stock, the order would then be transferred to the other branch which has the required raw materials to fulfil that order.

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Create a user-friendly and reliable review platform where people will give their reviews and rate
different eateries.

Guide-Lined UI

The UI had to be as per the brand guidelines. We were asked to create UI around it.

moo's n clucks

Distinctive Illustrative Aesthetics

We were asked to create something out of the box but something that resonates with the brand.

moo's n clucks

Real-Time Notification Integration

The client asked for a real-time notification integration that would inform users about their orders.

moo's n clucks

Order Progress Data

We need to integrate real-time order progress to showcase to users the estimated time for delivery.

Key Features

We integrated the following features into the Dining Caddy application.

Order Placement

Being an on-demand app that too n the food fraternity, it got to have an order placement feature. We integrated the feature to allow users to easily order the food of their choice.

Track Rider

We wanted the users to visualize where the rider is while he's carrying their order. Thus we integrated a track rider feature where users could see the rider carrying their parcel in real-time on a map.

Multiple Order Placement

We allowed users to add multiple orders at the same time. Since the app was designed for one restaurant only, to integrate this feature, we didn't have to turn the tables around.

moo's n clucks

Technology Stack

We integrated the following features into the Dining Caddy application.

moo's n clucks

A Quick Glimpse of
Moos'n'Clucks Application


We integrated the following features into the Dining Caddy application.

This app falls under the umbrella of an on-demand application. This custom-developed app had massive organic reach and usability because of its user-centric nature.
No business can scale without the right marketing and sales collateral. We created a bespoke app that not only boosts ROI but helps brand building.
The different and eye-catching UI of the application gave it an overall boost. It helped increase brand recall and boosted brand recognition.

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