Galactic Warfare is a single-player space RPG that is grandiose and action-packed. You assume command of the "Requiem," a spaceship that isn't in as great of condition as it once was. Your intergalactic squadron begins with a modest vessel, but as your space station expands and evolves, you will gain command of battleships and even gargantuan space battleships.


The client indicated that he desired the most competitive galactic simulator ever, with space fights between gigantic warships and small yet cunning fleets, each commanded by multiple users. A game that brings people from all over the world together to see the cosmos fight in battles and, most significantly, bring gamers from all over the world together.


Galactic Warfare consisted of the following features:

  • A total of seven classes of spaceships and galaxies
  • Leagues and Global Leaderboards
  • Galactic team battle
  • Cosmic spaceship customization
  • Over 15 galactic spaceships
  • 3D Graphics
  • In-game lobby
  • Digital Purchases


A decent plotline is the most difficult aspect of making any game. It is attributed to its storyline when discussing how to put up a strong tale in mobile game creation. Crafting an engrossing tale for Galactic Warfare was always the primary concern while developing the application.Another serious factor that had to be solved was making the game uncomplicated and intuitive to comprehend, i.e. a user-friendly game. A game that had to be accessible and not require lengthy training to be able to operate.


Galactic Warfare consisted of the following technology stack:

  • Unity (Game Engine)
  • Papyrus (Programming Language)
  • Wwise (Audio Engine)
  • Google's DeepMind (AI)


Immerse yourself in the Galactic Warfare universe like never before. As a commander, you may customize your ships and command your personnel. Discover celestial bodies, undertake expeditions, discover new civilizations, connect with global players and compete in the big leagues. It's entirely up to you, commander.

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