Human Resource Management

A well designed HRM system diminishes the issues that were previously found in the manually controlled environment. It is designed to assist all the organization stakeholders, no matter on which level of hierarchy they lie, by providing them with different tools which assists them in completing their tasks. HRM also helps in the strategic management of the organization and ensures that it is equipped with the right level of human resources for its future goals.


Why Consider an HRM?

The key reason behind the development & deployment of this product is to automate the existing manual system with the help of computerized equipment’s and full-fledged computer software. This will fulfill the necessities of the organization while storing their valuable data/information for a longer period with easy access and manipulation of the same. The hardware’s required for this system are easily available and easy to work with. This system can lead to error-free, secure, reliable and fast management system. It will assist its user to concentrate on their other activities rather than concentrating on record keeping. Therefore, it will help the organization in better utilization of resources while maintaining computerized records without redundant entries.

Key Modules


Employee Management Module

This module represents information regarding the staff and employees within the organization. It provides a much easier way to assemble all the employee’s details in one place as well as giving control to each employee to view their particular information.

Attendance Management Module

This module is a key HRM feature. It helps keep track of employees’ attendance and time sheet. This automates the process of documenting the time duration for which each employee works, hence recording the time at which they take off. Tracking employee time let’s one know if the employees are punctual or not and also manages the leaves of employees.

Salary Management Module

This module helps to keep details of salary paid to employees. The automated process is easy, quick, secure and reliable which lead to error-free and fast information system. The data is maintained without any redundancy. It also used for generation pay slips and manage bonuses, funds awarded to employees.


Recruitment Management Module

This module is the most important sub-system of HRM and improves the efficiency of recruiters, the HR Dept. The recruitment management module includes applicant tracking, managing job postings, and scheduling candidate interviews. The automated system filters resume or CVs according to the job openings at that particular period of time, hence saving extra time and effort of the recruiters. It is easier for them to track the progress of candidate and hire a potential resource.

Other Modules

Besides these, other modules including employee attendance, employee feedback management, employee leave management, logs generation and many more are part of this HRM. Also, additional features and functionalities can be added as per customer requirements. Get in touch with us and get yourself a highly customized HRM solution.

Key Benefits

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The deployment of HRM system in an organization or company has numerous benefits minimizing the time and effort of supervisors as well as employees. The system alone has the ability to do wonders by covering all the basic aspects of organization management like recruitment process or employee performance tracking. In fact, it introduces a systematic way to keep track of major and minor issues within the company and allowing a standardized process to be followed by each and every person affiliated with the organization. Some of its key benefits includes:

  • Using an attendance system boosts employee accountability, reduce time theft and record absenteeism.
  • Helps streamline recruiting process; shortlist candidates, schedule interviews and onboarding of new employees.
  • Maintenance of the organizational data with a detailed view of the company hierarchy.
  • Finding ground level employee performance by the topmast manager.
  • Employee pays report with the awarded bonuses and generating salary slips.
  • Improve employee’s satisfaction and productivity by giving a sense of control and transparency.
  • Create seamless communication channel for targeting policy changes and other internal announcements.
  • Provide a tool to help obtain feedback from employees, reporting any problems and giving recommendations within the organization.

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