Leverage the power of IT in your business

Take advantage of the latest technologies in information technology and our development expertise to give your business a highly customized application that drives positive customer experiences, boost your sales and broaden your audience segments. Our developed applications and software’s are flawless and follow the latest trends that allows you to overcome your rivals.

iOS Development

Our iOS developers are continuously learning new things in order to make sure that we’re exclusively using the latest Frameworks, SDKs and API development approaches as defined by Apple’s ever-changing standards. We have been developing iPhone, iPad and even MacOS solutions for a range of business types since the inception of our company and our iOS team is exceptionally well-versed with the best approaches for all types of applications.

Android Development

Being the most used operating system in the mobile world is no small feat, which is why the Android space has an ever growing demand for the dynamic new application ideas. From gaming applications to entertainment solutions and from the healthcare to the F&B industries, the contemporary market is highly diversified, and we've always been in line with this as we believe in being capable of catering to any and all requirements.

Wearable Development

Hailed as the future of the mobile industry since it's inception, the wearables industry is an exponentially growing industry that is estimated to to reach a massive $12.6 billion index by the end of 2019. This is not surprising considering the widespread adoption of such futuristic devices such as smartwatches, smart glasses, connected health bands and virtual googles, and we at Nexus have worked on developing add-on applications for practically all of these devices for both, Android as well as Apple's take on wearbales.

Web Applications

The significant advancements that web technologies have made in the recent past have enabled brands to maximally unleash the potential of their customer engagement aspects. We've worked with a variety of industries in this regard, and our clients receive nothing but the best regardless of whether they are looking for an e-commerce solution, a web-based game, or even just a simple business website with that audience engagement sauce we specialize in.

Enterprise Solutions

Businesses that want to turbo boost their growth in new avenues ultimately turn to adopting enterprise solutions that are custom built for their business processes, and this is something that Nexus Corporation has a good deal of experience with, especially since we already developed and implemented a couple of products in-house. We have a CRM and HRM solution that we built from scratch and that are fully integrated into our daily operations, respectively for sales and human resource management.

Services we offer