Escalate your Business By Integrating Wearable Applications

Innovations in mobile application development have laid the foundation for ground-breaking technologies like wearable devices and subsequently applications meant to run on these devices. Wearable applications are fast becoming the the leaders of mobile usability of the current generation, and we at Nexus Corp strive to create solutions that allow our customers to tap into the potential of these latest innovations.

Innovations In Wearable App Industry

Industry giants like Windows, Apple, and Android have been on the inception bandwagon of manufacturing and developing wearable devices and operating systems that assist customers in their day-to-day activities. This has made for a scenario where innovation blends technology to create solutions that become a cornerstone for a brands success. From apps made for smart watches and bands to connected earphones and smart sensors, our team delivers the best possible solutions for all wearable applications.


Technology We Use

While we specialize in developing applications for iOS and Android wearable devices for the respective WatchOS and Android Wear platforms; we also have experience with developing for other proprietary platforms such as Samsung's Tizen OS, Microsoft's Wear OS, and even the Fitbit OS and Garmin OS, respectively implementations of custom versions of a wearable OS that runs on the devices these companies are selling. We have thus worked with a range of industries when it comes to wearable solutions, from health care to travel and food.

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